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The purpose of this site is to make Utah’s (and the Colorado Plateau’s) geology accessible to all and easy to learn. Utah already ranks third in the nation for national parks and monuments (behind only Alaska & California). This is a direct result of the states very unique geology. Zion, Bryce, Arches, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, The Grand Staircase, Glen Canyon, and the Grand Canyon attract millions of visitors every year because these areas display geologic strata in a unique and spectacular way rivaled by few places on earth. This site tries to compliment these incredible geologic exposures of the Colorado Plateau by supplying a database of pictures and information which will aid those seeking to understand its unique geology.

This site is built entirely by me… It’s a one man show and I kind of like it that way. I have a Degree in Geology & Geophysics and  currently work full time at the Utah Geological Survey; working on a variety of geologically related projects. Pretty much all of my recent work is on the Utah Geological Survey’s website found at  The purpose of building this site is to make available the learning tools which I wish I would have had as I first applied myself to master the geology of the Colorado Plateau. Or to act as a staging area for projects I’m working on at the Survey. It has been my desire to understand the stratigraphy of this area as well as anyone and, as I work toward that end, I wish to help others understand that which I learn.

I grew up in St George, Utah (located in the southwestern corner of the state). Early in life I became captivated by maps. As a highschool student in southern Utah I got really into hiking. At one point I walpapered my room with USGS topo maps of southern Utah and would sit and study them in order to find new places to explore. (this was before the days of Google Earth!) I was fascinated by the way maps allowed me to come to know a place without even being there–and better understand it once I was there. I would sit and memorize them for hours and try to guess what a canyon would look like before I hiked it.

Later I began to acquire aerial photos, satellite imagery and geological maps as well. The more I visit and explore the places I love – the more I want to know about what makes it the way they are. I believe that the more perspectives we can view an area with, the more we appreciate what’s there. I am also very interested in cosmology, history, religion and in debates such as evolution and the age of the earth.

This site is basically a compilation of all the resources I wish I had when I was first trying to learn Utah’s geology. And since I still have a lifetime of learning to do, the site will continue to grow, as I pass along the things that help me to view the earth from as many angles as possible.