Geologic Road Guide Overview

Section Summary
Accessible through the Selection Map, this section contains an online version of an old, out of print, geologic Field Guide by Keith Rigby we were given permission to reproduce. Over time, I will replace all the pictures to color, integrate them with the user image gallery, and add a bunch more content.

The road logs are set up by route or highway and notes are labeled by mile marker. At some point I will make the logs reversible so they are in order regardless of your direction of travel.

Road Guide User Forum
I am beginning now to link new colored pictures with the interactive road forum where users will be able to post their own pictures and notes on interesting geologic insights for a particular route.

Future Plans
We hope that eventually many teachers and professors will submit their comments and notes from geologic field trips on which they take their students. Thus many will be able to benefit from the experience and expertise of those who guide geologic field trips on a routine basis.

Helpful Links
See my arcgis online dataset for mileposts of Utah and adjoining states.  Get the KMZ here. More data is available at the interactive UDOT Road Mile Marker map can be found here. Mile markers & images are also found on their ‘Roadview Explorer‘.

Road Guide Selection Map

Select Road guides using an interactive map. Click on the icon to go to the road guide for that selected highway.