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March 2020

  • Added too many things to list here…  Dont think I’ll be updating this page again…  :)

May 2015

  • Put the site into a content management system, and started adding content for the first time in years! :)

May 2006

  • Converted the whole site into a tableless CSS based design, to make future layout changes easier.
  • Went through much of the site and made it XHTML 1.0 Standards compliant.

April 2006

  • Fixed the “google mapoverlay” so it works in i.e. browsers (although it is still very slow and needs to work AJAX style).
  • Fixed the aerial photo selection map links (still need to change to link to image gallery) and the mouse-over text on all selection maps.

March 2006

  • Updated the home page and overview pages to reflect our expansion to the whole state.
  • Created a copyright info page to explain more about source data and copyright rules for the site and pictures in the image gallery.

February 2006

  • Strat Columns for most of the state of Utah added to the database. Php script made to pull the data out of the database and dynamically create strat columns.
  • Formations selection page recreated. Now shows entire state of Utah. A key was also added and expanded for easy selection of formations.
  • New, more in depth formation descriptions where written for the Kiabab, Moenkopi, Chinle, Moenave, Navajo, Temple Cap, and Carmel Formations.
  • New formation descriptions pages were created for the Curtis/Summerville, Mancos/Tropic, Mesa Verde, Kaiparowits, and Claron Formations.
  • Added Flash and menu header to the formation gallery so it looks more like the rest of the site.
  • Added this “what’s new” section to the site and put a link on the side bar and index page.

January 2006

  • Converted the formation descriptions to php so I could integrate them with the formation picture database.
  • Added Southern Colorado Plateau section in Road Guides, doubling the number of highways covered (put them in menu but not on selection map yet).

December 2005

  • Created hazard presentations for major hazards. Put links to them on hazard selection map. Created a auto-rotating script so they will automatically cycle every 3 seconds.
  • Added road guides to the Northern Colorado Plateau and created a googlemap in order to access them on the selection page.

March 2002

  • Started static html version of

Coming Soon

  • Finally getting the “enlarged map overlay” working like I wanted. Making it into a zoomable, browsable googlemap with multiple layers, and putting marker/link info from each section into mysql data base so a php script can pull them at a click.
  • Replace the selection maps of every section with image-maps of the entire state. Use ArcMap to create a map with them all as separate layers then use ArcScript to create imagemap. Use javascript to create a popup menu like googlemaps for earch point.
  • Create a GIS section and make my ArcGIS style files for the official “National Geologic Map Database” geologic age coloration schemes.
  • Contacting sources for more aerial photos (ongoing project).
  • Replacing Road Guide overview map with a static fast-loading image.
  • Adding color pictures to Road Guides.
  • Replacing Hazards overview map with one for entire state–also image mapped.
  • Writing a general “Geologic History of Utah”.
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