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Thank you for visiting us! Here are a few of the sites around the web that I recommend.


State Geologic Maps & Info

USGS State Geologic Map Database
Access to MrSID (scanned) images of published USGS geologic maps.

Arizona Geologic Map
Explorable Geologic Map of Arizona.

Utah Geologic Survey
UGS – The official site for the Utah Geological Survey.

Colorado Geologic Survey
CGS – The official site for the Colorado Geological Survey.

State Geologic Maps
Links to geologic maps for every state on


Satellite Imagery

Nasa Zulu Images
MrSID satallite imagery from NASA – best landsat imagery available.

NOAA Satalite & Info Service
Varied satallite imagery and datasets from the National Geophysical Data Center.

ArcGIS Image Explorer
A very nice satallite image explorer on ESRI’s GIS website.

NASA’s Visable Earth
Incredible satallite imagery of geologic processes and areas of interest.

Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory
More great shuttle and computer generated satallite imagery.


Utah State Maps & Orthoquads
7.5 minute topo maps and state aerial photos/orthoquads.

Utah DEM’s
GIS digital elevation model’s for the state of Utah.

Weaver Engineering
Maps and geologic hazard information.

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