About Me

Lets see… a few things about me.

“Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth” -Dostoevsky

Surfacially, I’m into hiking canyoneering, mountain biking, hiking, psychology, philosophy, geology, physics, metaphysics, comedy, music and people. Also a vocal advocate and proponent of ducktape discipline for children. 😉 Of which I have a few.

A bit deeper down, I’m looking for connections. Really I think we all are when we get enough time away from the demands of life to self explore a bit. I mean, we all crave connection in this life. But I think we can’t really know people until we know their pain. Until we get a glimpse of the painful experiences in their lives that give them the desires they have. A lot of people get frustrated in seeking relationships and connection because

I try and be a pretty kind and empathetic. In relationships I like to start a bit more slow and friendly in my approach, but at the same time I believe there is a power in focus, so when I’m in the mood to build a connection I like to pour my energy into it to make you feel seen, desired and appreciated. 😏

ENM. I’m polysexual by nature and just love to have flirty, fun feminine energy in my life so I’m looking for great conversationalists who love to joke, laugh and philosophize about the natural world, human interaction, psychology, mystical subconscious connections between humans 😜 and/or the possible non-material character of the universe if you’ve read Bernardo Kastrup or any of that line of thinking.

After my family nature is definitely my #1 Interest. It recharges me. As strange as it might sound, hiking/nature gives my life fulfillment and its probably the main thing I look for in potential dates or partners. But I also just love chatting, going to a park, sitting on a bench and just holding hands. Number two is connection with new people. I love people who’s smiles energize me. I love people who are open and uncaged. I love people who can just be goofy and relaxed, and I love those conversations that fill you with with excitement and infatuation. 😏 You should be the type of person who feels cool with sticking two straws up your nose and doing a good Shifu impersonation on our first date. Or if you’re a bit more introverted, at least be cool with me doing it to try and put you at ease.😉 No judgement here, and I expect the same in return. Just be fun, relaxed and yourself.😁 In addition to nature & hiking also have a lot of other interests that most people typically dont share… I have a passion in a handful of scientific topics & hobbies. Specifically prehistory, geology, geophysics, spiritualism and mysticism.. (particularly in how they are all related). I’ve had powerful metaphysical experiences and I love to speculate on what that type of crazy phenomena means. I run a website called utahgeology.com, and run a tour company called Utahgeology Scenic Tours where I teach people about how the scenery in places like Zion NP/The Grand Canyon formed over time, as well as shooting the breeze about fun topics. I’ll likely try and get you to come do an awesome hike with me in Zion. It could be technical canyon or a simple stroll along the river. I hate partisan politics, although I love political theory. Conversationally, I prefer to keep it light and joking unless that rare person who is truly interested in my pet topics comes around. I like to find topics your interested in and get you to go off on them. Teach me something. My favorite topic is learning about people’s pasts and what makes them tick. I love to try and expand the way people see the world and human interaction. I love to make people feel deeply connected. I love finding people who can talk to me in my dreams. And if your mystical like that or have read something crazy like Oahspe or the Law of One, I might fall for you. Otherwise, lets just chat a bit, talk on the phone and help each other grow and feel alive, seen and appreciated. Lets explore what makes each other tick, and what we can do to really fulfill each other before we get too old and ugly to do it in fun ways. 😉 Tell me about your family, your kids, your childhood. How has your past informed and shaped your likes and dislikes? Is anything keeping you from feeling completely fulfilled in your life? How can I help you accomplish your dreams? Anyway… thats me. Perhaps like everyone I’m a ball of paradoxes and adapt easily to different personalities. Hit me up if you’re interested!