Cedar City Trees and Masterplan
A plan for beautifying Cedar City, Utah

Beautify Cedar City

Many have shared the opinion that as seen from the interstate, Cedar City is one of the trashiest and poorest looking cities between littlefield Az, and West Valley City, in Salt Lake County. This is undoubtedly because most of the cities interstate bordering property is filled with old and working gravel pits, unkept industrial areas, low class visible condos and apartments and unkept freeway interchange landscaping. (And unfortunately the landscaping isnt much better along its main street highway for much of its length).

This should not be! Cedar City needs to focus on turning around its image by working on its property "storefront" most seen by tourists, travelers and would be future residents.

The following master plan seeks to remedy this problem by turning these weeknesses into strengths and beautifying the city landscaping into something that matches its magnificent surroundings and scenery.