Covid-19 Compared to Influenza and Other Major Causes of Deaths
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Population: 7,793,171,560

Total Covid Deaths:

Active Covid Cases:
Cumlitive Covid Cases:

  Covid deaths VS.
covid-19 map symbol(covid = red circles)
covid-19 map symbol(comparative metric = blue circles)

  Need to add hospitalization data when available

*Avg flu deaths are computed by the CDC using methods described here. This app uses national yearly data divided by state/nation population to estimate flu averages. They are estimates and not counted or record based statistics.
*'Peak Flu' represents the deaths computed in the 2017/18 winter, which was the greatest computed average death count for the last 30 years in the united states, These numbers are then extrapolated globally, and should not be interpreted as actual counted flu deaths for any given country except the US.
*'non-covid causes of death' come from data held by 'our world in data'. See this link direct access to data.
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